You know when it comes to beauty, there’s all sorts of information out there on the internet, but how do you know which pice of advice is true? Here’s 3 common beauty myths I found that aren’t really myths at all…

You become immune to the smell of your own perfume

This is a fact, especially if you use the same perfume every day. So be careful during application, just because you can’t smell it, doesn’t mean that others can’t.

Using lip balm just makes your lips drier

Many of you who love lip balms may agree to the fact that the more you use your favorite balm, the more you need it. However, although most balms contain ingredients which can dry the lips, it’s more likely that you’ve developed a mild addiction to having perfectly smooth lips ;)

Eating chocolate leads to spots

This is both true and false. Although there’s no direct link, dermatologists believe that the increases in blood sugar levels do affect sebaceous glands which has the potential to aggravate acne.

Any beauty myth busters out there? If you want to add a myth to the list above, just leave it in a comment below.