We hear so much in the press about superfoods, diet foods which will miraculously help you lose weight overnight. Unfortunately, the only way to successfully lose weight is to follow a healthy eating program. Perhaps not want you want to hear, but true!
However there are certain diet foods that you should eat if you wish to stay healthy as you slim.

diet foods vegetables and fruitsNumber One has to be fruit and vegetables. They are relatively low in calories but packed full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Number Two – Complex Carbs such as wholewheat pasta, brown rice, beans and oats.healthy diets as carbs

Number Three – Lean meats like chicken and turkey which provide protein without the fat.

Number Four – Nuts; but make sure you choose the unsalted variety. Although high in fat they are packed full of protein, so a small handful is all you need.Nuts and almonds

Now for the controversy – number five – junk food! A little bit of what you fancy does you good. It keeps you on the straight and narrow and stops you from straying from your diet. But make sure it is just a little bit!
And don’t forget the water – not strictly a food, but essential!