We all love our snacks. Crisps, biscuits, chocolate and fizzy drinks are so hard to resist, but they’re packed full of empty calories and are detrimental to our health. Here’s how you can make your snacks a little healthier.

  • Crisps and savoury snacks – are full of hydrogenated fats, not to mention salt. Swap for unsalted nuts, a handful of seeds or a bowl of chopped veg.
  • Chocolate biscuits – full of fat and sugar. Try swapping for a homemade fruit loaf packed full of juicy sweet raisins and sultanas.
  • Cake bars – commercially produced cakes are often full of sugar and additives. Swap for your own wholemeal fruit scones – just don’t cover them in butter or cream!
  • Fizzy drinks – these can contain up to 14 spoonfuls of sugar per can. Swap for diet drinks, fruit juice or just plain water.
  • Cereal bars – they might appear healthy but they’re full of sugar. Simply swap for a piece of fresh fruit.