While I do love to try out all different kinds of beauty products, there’s times when I like to go back to basics and stick to just a few trusted products. You know we’re constantly bombarded with adverts and articles on the latest beauty products and told that there’s a product out there to fix every little perceived ‘problem’. But which products can we afford to be without? Here’s my pick:

  • Separate creams for the face, neck and chest – the products you use on your face work just as well on your neck and décolleté too.
  • Ultra expensive lotions and potions –  affordable products work just as well. It’s more about having a regular routine and products that suit your skin, so buy what you can afford and use them religiously.
  • Toner – although this can be of benefit to those of us with enlarged pores and excessive oil production (like I have), generally it isn’t a crucial part of your beauty regime.
  • Creams for specific body parts – just use a good body lotion for all areas.
  • Body Firming Products – research has shown that there’s currently no product that will make your skin firmer by its use alone.

What do you think, is there any other beauty product we can add to the list?