I recently took up jogging as part of my daily fitness routine. Jogging is such a great way to get and stay fit – but how do you keep your motivation high? This is what works for me.

Set a goal. Write a goal for each week, whether miles or time, and plan a schedule to ensure you meet your goal.

Try interval training. Once or twice a week, add in some intervals. Alternate between medium and fast speeds and be sure to warm up by walking slowly for five minutes and cool down in the same manner. Don’t push yourself too hard, it’ll leave you breathless and truth be told, you really won’t enjoy it much.

Add in hills and inclines. Adding a hill or an incline will help to strengthen and tone your legs further. Warm up with slow walking on the flat for five minutes and then walk uphill for ten to fifteen minutes before cooling down on the flat. You really don’t need much more than this for gorgeous legs.

Run with a friend. Having a jogging partner will add in that extra level of motivation, after all you don’t want to let your friend down ;).

Wear a pedometer. Religiously record your daily and weekly distances and time and then aim to beat one of these totals each week. Remember, don’t push yourself too hard, it’s better to take make slow but steady progress.

Listen to music. Music can be very stimulating and I personally can’t go jogging without my carefully selected playlist of kick a$$ running tunes.

What helps you to stay on track with your running routine?