Hi girls! 2013 is already here and we still can’t believe how quickly 2012 has passed. We’ve decided to start this year with something completely new, never before done on The Model Stage Blog – a nail art tutorial!

Blue and gold nail art tutorial 1

What you’ll need for this blue and gold nail art tutorial:

  1. A deep blue, shimmery nail polish. We used P2 Color Victim 570. Similar colors would be China Glaze Bohemian Collection Want My Bawdy or Essie #280 Aruba Blue
  2. A gold nail polish. We chose Catrice 910 Oh My Goldness. China Glaze Hunger Games Collection Harvest Moon Nail Polish, 0.5 oz or Essie As Gold As It Gets 8296 Nail Polish
  3. The gel top coat of your choice. We used Essence’s XXL Shine Gel-look topcoat.
  4. Masking tape.

Let’s go!

1. Apply a first thin coat of deep blue, shimmery nail polish and let it dry. Apply another layer and wait until it dries completely.

Blue and gold nail art tutorial 1

2. Apply the masking tape on the tips of your nails and  paint the tips with the gold polish of your choice.Blue and gold nail art tutorial 1

3. Take the masking tape off after a few minutes and finish the look with a thin layer of gel top coat.

Blue and gold nail art tutorial 1

And voilà, your blue and gold look is done!

Liked it? Let us know what you think in the comment section below :)

See you soon!