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Beauty and fashion blogging tips and trick with examples part I setting up your blog and photography 101

Since I’m both a graphic designer and a beauty blogger it seems only fitting to share some of the tricks of the trade with you and maybe give you a few ideas on how to make the best of your blog. In this first part I’ll talk about the basics of setting up a blog and a few tips on how to take better photos. A few days ago I invited the lovely Gemma Rose (aka Gem) to participate in this special post and, lucky me, she agreed for her blog to be featured! So, without further ado, these are my tips and

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6 ways to keep your jogging program on track this spring

I recently took up jogging as part of my daily fitness routine. Jogging is such a great way to get and stay fit – but how do you keep your motivation high? This is what works for me. Set a goal. Write a goal for each week, whether miles or time, and plan a schedule to ensure you meet your goal. Try interval training. Once or twice a week, add in some intervals. Alternate between medium and fast speeds and be sure to warm up by walking slowly for five minutes and cool down in the same manner. Don’t push yourself too

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no smoking

Hi girls! Today I’m featuring a special guest post by professional blogger and an anti-smoking campaigner Vani Chugh. —– Many see smoking as a way to maintain a thin figure, one of the reasons perhaps is that it kills your appetite. A study in fact has also found that smokers lose muscle mass that gives them an appearance of being thin. However, what it also does is store fat around the vital organs. So, the question is, can smoking really make you thin and beautiful? Deceptively thin maybe, but definitely not healthy and beautiful! From the known, unpleasant health consequences, it also

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