Hi girls! It’s time for a new nail art tutorial and this time it’s a simple but very stylish dark french nail art.

Let’s get started!

  1. A grey nail polish. We’ve used Catrice’s 280 London’s Weather Forcast. Similar color are Orly’s Mirror, Mirror or Essie’s Cocktail Bling.
  2. A nude color. We used Essence’s Nude Glam. Other similar colors are Essie’s East Hampon Cottage or China Glaze’s Golden Meringue.
  3. A gel topcoat. Essence’s Gel-Look topcoat is our favorite.
  4. Masking tape or french manicure tip guides.

dark french nail art 1

1. First get on 2 layers of base color and let it dry completely.

dark french nail art 2

2. Use the masking tape or french manicure tip guides to color the tips of your nails. Let the nail polish dry completely before removing the tip guides.
dark french nail art  3
3. Remove the tip guides and finish off with a gel topcoat. Here’s the final result:

dark french nail art 4

Hope you enjoyed our dark french manicure! There’s more coming soon :)Love,