Now the just rolled out of bed, and I didn’t touch my hair look, may be around to stay, but ladies, you know deep down inside that, that doesn’t mean you don’t actually have to brush your hair.

This may seem like the most simple hair tutorial, but it is surprising how many people don’t know how to properly brush their hair. If done incorrectly or not at all, you can severely damage your locks, resulting in more frequent haircuts and less healthy growth. Brushing neglect can also lead to hair loss and hair thinning.

Follow these tips for healthy shiny hair.

Choose your weapon – Don’t go using any old plastic brush. Invest in a good one. This is your hair we’re talking about and unless you want unhealthy, patchy, thinning hair when you’re older, take it seriously. Boar bristle brushes don’t just get your tangles out; they redistribute oils throughout your hair, promoting healthier, shinier hair. If you have thicker hair, opt for an option with a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles.

When wet, use a comb instead – A big no no is to run your brush through wet hair. When hair is wet, it looses elasticity. Running a bristle brush through it will lead to excess breakage. Use a comb instead, making sure you use a good leave in conditioner to reduce tangles. Run it from your roots through to the tips until you reach any resistance. Then grab your hair that you are combing and gently flick the comb through the tips until the tangles are gone. DON’T just wrench your comb through the tangled ends, if you do, hello split ends!

Grow grow grow – Brushing your hair from the root to the tip can stimulate hair growth. It does this by removing a lot of scalp build-up and stimulates hair follicles.

Don’t go overboard – Don’t over brush your hair. This can lead to unnecessary breakage. Brush once in the morning and once at night and do it gently. You’re not Marcia Brady and you don’t need to brush your hair 100 times.