Easter is just a few days away and I’ve been browsing all my Pinterest boards like crazy trying to find an Easter-inspired nail art idea for this year’s celebration. Then I remembered I actually shot a quick tutorial last year and completely forgot about posting it (facepalm). So here it is, 12 months later, my Little Lamb Easter inspired nail art in 3 easy steps.

Since I don’t really remember what nail polishes I used (and it isn’t of that great significance either :P ), just use your favorite white, nude and black polishes. You’ll also need a thin nail art brush and some masking tape or french manicure strips. I always forget to buy the latter so masking tape will do just fine :P Here goes!

Step 1. Apply 2 coats of your favorite white polish and wait for it to dry completely.

lamb nails 1

Step 2. Use the french manicure strips or a piece of masking tape to divide the nails in two, and paint the lower part with your favorite nude color.

lamb nails 2

Step 3. Using a thin nail art brush dipped in black polish, paint a cute little lamb face on each nail. Aaand, you’re done :) You can finish off with a coat of transparent gel-like polish if you like the effect it creates.

lamb nails 3

Isn’t this sooo cute? The adorable little lamb at the bottom of the pics is taken from Picadilo’s latest Easter stickers and it’s free to use. They have a whole lot of Easter cuties, you can check them out over here.

Hope you find this as adorable as I do :)