Natural Make up Tutorial

Natural make up image credit: Sarah Lim

The key to natural make up is, you guessed it, less is more. The idea is not completely flawless skin, it’s that you’re basically saying, “this is my face, I just rolled out of bed looking this great”. Well that’s the story that you’ll tell everyone anyway!

Like most of us who weren’t blessed with perfect, sun kissed skin like Giselle, follow this natural make up tutorial to achieve a natural look.

1) Moisturise.

Duh. This may seem like a no brainer, however, a moisturised face is key to natural glowing skin. Use a tinted moisturiser and this will even out your skin tone.

2) Conceal.

The majority of us will have, at the very least, darker circles under our eyes and irregular skin tone in places. Use a concealer with a small applicator and apply only to areas necessary. This will ensure that you aren’t over applying and make sure to blend well.

3) Foundation.

If you don’t need it, don’t use it! If you must, use a lightweight cream foundation. Avoid using powder, as natural skin is never matte or dull.

4) Bronze.

Now to give your skin some warmth, because we can’t all be born Brazilian. Using a warm tone bronzer, give your brush a little shake to get rid of any excess powder. You basically want to bronze the areas that the sun hits naturally and then a light dusting all over.

5) Rosy Cheeks and lips.

The best way to keep your look natural is to use a cheek and lip stain with a clear lip gloss

6) Brows.

Use a clean eyebrow brush and apply some Vaseline on your brows in a sweeping motion to keep them in place.

7) Wide awake Eyes.

Sweep some bronzer over your eyelids, line your lower water line with a white eyeliner pencil, applying mascara to your top and bottom lashes and chant to yourself “natural”. The last thing you want are clumpy lashes, a common mistake. Use a clean mascara wand to then brush through, removing clumps.

So here are my little secrets to a natural make up look. Got some make up secrets of your own that you’d like to share? Leave a comment!