Never before have nails been such a fashion accessory. With so many colours, polishes, nail art and decorations available, changing your nails to match your clothes or even your mood is easy and not too expensive. From shiny reds through to diamond encrusted talons, the choice is endless and the only limit is your own imagination. But what’s in store for us in 2013? What are the main trends that we’ll be seeing in the shops?

According to celebrity nail technician, Andrea Fulerton, candy jewel tones will be the hottest trend. From shimmering candy shades of ruby and pink sapphire through to peridot and emerald, jewel colours will be the shades to have on your nails.

Nail shapes will also change, although in a subtle way. Celebrities such as Rita Ora and Rihanna have been spotted with square nails, but celebrity technician, Rebecca-Jade Wilson thinks we’ll see more of the classic oval or almond shape as it’s both elegant and classic. In contrast to the oval, long, thin ‘talons’ will also be a trend for those of you who prefer to make a statement with your nails. Reverse French manicures in contrasting textures of matte and gloss polishes will be a continuing trend, with cream, pinks, beiges and caramels replacing the more usual combination of pink with white tips.

For solid nail colours, darker shades of grey, green and blue will also remain popular, with high shine gloss finishes and metallic lustres. Red nails never seem to go out of fashion and 2013 will prove no exception. Deep reds and berry colours, especially with a metallic finish, will continue to be popular especially throughout the winter months.

Whichever your preference, the great thing about nail colours is that you need not be limited to one particular fashion, they can be changed as often as you feel the urge. Just remember to seal your colour onto your nails using a good quality top coat to avoid chips.

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