Japanese Fashion Inspiration 2

‘Hime gyaru’ aka ‘Hime kei’ is the most exaggerated style stemming from the ‘Hime’ fashion in Japan. How do you recognize it? Well, it’s pretty simple: the style is cute, sweet, princess-like, heavily influenced by the roccoco era. If it’s got pastels, pinks, bows and lace, rose patterns, pearls and little crowns in it, than it’s probably a Hime Gyaru influenced outfit. Here’s 37 lovely pieces of Hime Gyaru cuteness: All images are credited to their rightful owners

Easy up-do’s hair tutorial

The Sock Bun We all love long beautiful hair as much as the next person, however, sometimes, a girl just needs to go up. There’s nothing easier to update your look, than by pulling off a sophisticated or fun and easy up do. Now we’ve spoken about this sock bun technique before in our no heat curls tutorial, however, this is one of the easiest up do’s and can be worn high, low, sophisticated, messy or bohemian even. Follow this quick easy hair tutorial for your very own sock bun. Figure out where you want your bun. If you want

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Free Beauty E-book

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free ebook beauty

2013 brings something special over here at The Model Stage Blog – an unique, completely free beauty e-book packed full with over 100 beauty tips and tricks! Let your friends know about it by sharing this on Google+, tweeting about it or liking us on Facebook. You’ll receive your download link at just a click of a button Love, Ana [sociallocker] Thank you for sharing our e-book with your friends! Here’s the download link: Download 20 Best Kept Beauty Secrets + BONUS More Than 100 Beauty Tips and Tricks now Enjoy reading![/sociallocker]

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2013 makeup inspiration

We’re definitely not the only ones who love a good source of inspiration. This year Jean Paul Gaultier decided to bring back a couple of those sweet 80′s makeup trends inspired by none other than Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie or Michael Jackson. Jean Paul Gaultier said in an interview that this show is “an homage to all the pop stars” that inspired him back in those days. Did you know that Maddona’s cone bra was Gaultier’s idea? Taking you back to the 80′s with a couple of side by side comparisons: Here’s more from the show, enjoy! Images via

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Upcoming Makeup Trends for 2013

Whilst fashion shows give us an opportunity to see what we’ll be wearing in seasons to come, they’re also a great opportunity to showcase the make up trends that complement the clothes. In 2013 you can expect to see a continuation of the glamorous look of overstated eyes and soft matte lips. Eyes remain the main focal point with coloured liner, jewelled lids and extra long lashes appearing on many of the catwalks. Metallic shadows, fluttery and unashamedly fake lashes together with smudged eyeliner on the lower eyelid will all help to make your eyes literally pop. Stella McCartney chose

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50 denim street style ideas

The lovely, never-out-of-fashion, super-versatile, timeless denim… we all love it and we can’t do without it, right? Here’s 50 denim street style ideas for you to enjoy. All images are credited to their rightful owners