Most of us spend so much time on make up and forget the 2 things that pretty much frame our faces and accentuate our eyes. Yes, those hairy little caterpillars that are our eyebrows. Here is the:

Perfect eyebrows tutorial

Brows have gone through many phases over history from pencil thin to Brook shields bushy. This make up tutorial is going to show you how to properly manicure and make up your brows. A manicured brow is like a manicured hedge in a garden, not everyone takes the time to achieve it but if you do, the difference it can make is phenomenal.

Waxing and tweezing and threading oh my! Firstly it’s important to remove any excess hair that is preventing you from achieving a groomed defined brow. It’s your choice how you do it, whether it’s just tweezing, waxing, threading or all three. The key is to not mess with your natural shape too much. If you have a straight brow, work it; don’t try to create an arch that isn’t meant to be there. Your brows will thank you in the future.perfect eyebrows tutorial

Trim that hedge. Apart from the above procedures, people usually forgot to trim. After strays are removed from the area and your shape is more defined, it is then necessary for most of us to trim down some of the longer hairs. In order to do this, use a mascara wand or toothbrush, to brush eyebrow hair in the direction they naturally grow and then upwards. Use cuticle scissors and trim away any hair that passes the eyebrow line.

Gel. The easiest way to keep your brows neat is to brush them with a little gel. Put a light coat on your eyebrow-brushing tool and brush your eyebrows in a similar motion to when you are trimming them.

Fill in the blanks. A defined brow is not patchy or thin, it has depth, but don’t go too crazy, unless you’re going to an over the top look. You want to pick a colour that compliments your hair colour and skin colour. Sometimes if your brows are thick but light in colour, all you will need is to regularly tint them to get the depth you need. However, if you have sparse, thin eyebrows, you will most probably need to fill them in with a shadow or pencil. For shadow, use a thin slanted brush and lightly draw in the outline of your defined brow and then colour in. If you are using an eyebrow pencil, be careful! This can look very harsh if applied to heavy-handed. Draw on with soft strokes, mimicking hair.

This is it, hope you enjoyed our perfect eyebrows tutorial!