Hi girls! Today I’m featuring a special guest post by professional blogger and an anti-smoking campaigner Vani Chugh.


Many see smoking as a way to maintain a thin figure, one of the reasons perhaps is that it kills your appetite. A study in fact has also found that smokers lose muscle mass that gives them an appearance of being thin. However, what it also does is store fat around the vital organs.

So, the question is, can smoking really make you thin and beautiful? Deceptively thin maybe, but definitely not healthy and beautiful!

From the known, unpleasant health consequences, it also begins to create blotches on your beauty. Here’s how:

The fuming dark circles

Along with the temporary thinning received from the cigarette butt, dark circles are another by-product. The nicotine rushes created through smoking lead to insomnia-like conditions. People find it extremely difficult to have a restful sleep. So they end up at the receiving end of the dreaded dark circles. This can also happen in the initial phase of quitting.

You face withdrawal symptoms, which make you restless. But once you have quit for good, the dark circles will start fading off gradually.

The Yellow smile

Nicotine is going to colour your teeth pretty yellow and that’s not going to be a pretty sight. Add to that dental problems like, plaque build-up, gum infections, bad breath, tooth loss and an increased risk of mouth and oral cancers! Nothing about these problems is associated with anything beautiful!

The hairless head

You need to get ready to constantly sweep off the hair from your flat. You will find your hair strands adorning every corner of your home. Nicotine contains chemicals; these chemicals disrupt the DNA that binds the hair follicles.

This weakens the hair follicles, the result – your hair is thinning. Adding to this, the chemicals generate radicals that further go on to damage cells.

It doesn’t end here; there is increased vulnerability to grey hair.

The Psoriasis Part

Psoriasis is a skin condition and can show up even if you don’t take the puffs. But what smoking does is that it increases vulnerability to psoriasis.

A study was conducted, which showed that if one daily consumes a pack of cigarettes for 10 years, the risk of acquiring psoriasis shoots up by 20%. And if you still smoke a pack daily for 11-20 years, then the vulnerability percentage is 60%!

The dull complexion

Day after day, when you blow out puffs, tinges of discolouration, scarring, rashes and pigmentation also pop out. Susceptibility to pimples increases. Also, new skin isn’t uniform. Infact, it is non-smooth. All these factors give your overall complexion a rough, dull and uneven texture.

The aging skin

Nicotine fast-forwards your aging mechanism. Premature wrinkles and saggy skin begin to appear. Wrinkles around the mouth region are quite frequent. The worst is yet to come. You will not only you ‘look’ old, but also ‘feel’ old.

Your appearance and grooming have a huge impact on your confidence levels don’t they? So, don’t let a bad habit trap you into looking and feeling any less amazing than you are!

About the Author: Vani Chugh is a professional blogger and an anti-smoking campaigner. She enjoys writing about technology, health and wellness.

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