As much as a lazy lipstick person wants to turn a blind eye to red lips, it has become near impossible seeing as they are popping up on every well-dressed, chic, fashion-loving lady. No longer are red lips just a sign that you enjoy walking the streets at night, aka streetwalker, aka wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you know what I mean.

Red lips are a symbol of a confident woman who is comfortable with making a statement. If you want this glam look, read the following red lipstick make-up tutorial and tips to get the most luscious red lips on your street corner.

Prep. Now this is something you should be doing, not just before you apply lipstick, but everyday if you suffer from dry lips. Dry, cracked lips are the last thing you want underneath your lip colour. All you need is a disposable mascara wand or toothbrush, lip balm or a tub of Vaseline and a tissue.

  1. Dip your wand or toothbrush into your chosen product making sure you have a good amount.

  2. Apply it directly to your lips and scrub all over in small circular motions. If there are any areas of flaky skin, continue gently until you have a smooth surface.

  3. Wipe of any excess with a tissue.

  4. Apply a thin coat of balm and leave on

The Main Event. Now that your lips are smooth, prepped and hydrated, it’s colouring time!

  1. Apply a base coat of foundation to your lips. This provides a good base to help your lipstick, stick.
  2. Line drawings. Now apply liner to your lips, if you can’t find a shade to match your lipstick, or if you go between shades often, you can always use a nude lip liner close to you natural lip colour. If you want plumper lips, trace just outside your natural lip line. After tracing around your lips, fill in your entire lip with the liner.

  3. Apply your lipstick. Now there are many techniques to apply lipstick. The best technique though is to apply the way you are comfortable, whether that is with the lipstick itself, a lip brush or your finger.
  4. Blot with a tissue and dust some powder over your lips

  5. Add another layer of colour.

  6. Gloss if you want

And Voila!

Red Lipstick Makeup Inspiration