We may envy the toned bodies of celebrities but they don’t get bodies like that by accident, most have to work hard to stay slim and fit. They’ve also got access to some of the top fitness trainers and time and money to pay for them.

  • Celebrity trainer Michael George swears by lunges to develop a strong core, legs and a toned butt.
  • Joe Dowdell, trainer to Claire Danes, suggests that his ‘body saw’ move, based on Yoga’s plank position will give you a tight core and toned arms and shoulders.
  • Dowdell is also responsible for Eva Mendes’ enviable figure, and reveals that ‘cable pull throughs’ keep her butt and thighs in tip top shape.
  • Jennifer Aniston relies on yoga guru, Mandy Ingber to shape and tone her body, sculpting those famous abs with an ‘uber boat pose’.

But in reality there are no magic moves

  • Gunnar Peterson, trainer to Angelina Jolie, advises that there’s no quick fix, you just have to work hard and consistently to see results.

So, what’s your fave fitness move?