Thanks to the popularity of nail art, our nails are considered a fashion accessory. If your are less than perfect here’s how to tackle the top three nasty nail problems.

Thick, ridged nails

Although there are many products on the market to solve this problem, if they don’t seem to be having any effect, then try a remedy for repairing horses’ hooves. It may sound a bit drastic but as it’s loaded with lanolin it’s great for softening nails and the surrounding skin.

Ingrown toenails

These can be really painful. If you notice that your toenail is starting to grow into your skin, take some dental floss and gently push it under the area where it’s growing into the skin. It will help to detach the nail from the skin so it can heal.

Yellow, discolored nails

Lay off the polish for a while and use a buffer over the surface of the nail – but go lightly, too much buffing will weaken your nails and it will make them split.

Hope this helps.