Although I often try to match my nail polish to my outfit, the colours which look best with me are those that match my skin tone. If you’re lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, then you can wear almost any colour, but other skin tones can really influence the colours you should wear. So here’s a little guide to choosing the best nail color depending on your skin tone.

Generally cool – so lighter shades with blue or pink undertones will suit you. Pastels always look great or blue based pinks or reds.


If your skin is tanned, warmer colours will look fantastic, especially lighter shades such as light browns, light blues, pinks and purples.

Medium olive skins can carry off almost any shade, from reds through to burgundies and vibrant blues, pinks, peach and orange. Metallics also look great.

Dark complexions suit rich, deep shades best – burgundies, purples and plums. Whilst neons may add a ‘zing’ to your hands, they zap the colour out of your skin.

What’s your favorite nail color of the moment?