So you’re going about your regular nightly facial routine when you look in the mirror and see a tiny red lump. It may be nothing. You give it a little press and your heart sinks as you feel that tender, itchy all too well-known feeling. That’s right, you have your own Mt Vesuvius on your face, just waiting to erupt. Only it’s not going to take out a major city this time, it’s much, much worse. It’s going to ruin your date…

Ok, that might be a bit of an overreaction, but finding a pimple is never fun. Luckily there are several home acne remedies that you probably have in your kitchen cupboard right now that can save you: garlic, honey, aloe vera are just a few of them.

Let’s start today with the first two most efficient natural acne home remedies: garlic and honey.

Garlic – While garlic is very effective in ruining a date, it can also save it in this case. Garlic contains sulphur. Sulphur being a natural antibiotic reduces inflammation and bacteria. Take a clove of fresh garlic, peal away the skin, crushing it a little to get the juices out and rub it on the affected area rinsing after about 5 – 10 minutes.

Honey – Delicious on buttered toast, but also great for acne. Honey has been used throughout history for it’s many medicinal purposes, including its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions. In this case, dabbing a tiny spot on your pimple and leaving it for 15 minutes will not only reduce inflammation and remove bacteria, it will also allow for faster healing and less scarring.

Stay tuned for the follow up on Wednesday!