sakura inspired makeup

I’ve just finished wrapping up my latest photoshoot and there’s a little surprise coming up for you shortly (can’t wait to show it to you guys!). My (not so) latest obsession is browsing around Kayture‘s blog. I love Kristina, I just can’t stop looking at those amazing pictures of hers! So, if you don’t know about her, head over to her blog, you’ll be instantly in love. She has a gorgeous eye for fashion and her travels around the world are truly inspiring. I’m sorry I have to keep it short today, I have a really tight schedule, so here’s my latest

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Beauty and fashion blogging tips and trick with examples part I setting up your blog and photography 101

Since I’m both a graphic designer and a beauty blogger it seems only fitting to share some of the tricks of the trade with you and maybe give you a few ideas on how to make the best of your blog. In this first part I’ll talk about the basics of setting up a blog and a few tips on how to take better photos. A few days ago I invited the lovely Gemma Rose (aka Gem) to participate in this special post and, lucky me, she agreed for her blog to be featured! So, without further ado, these are my tips and

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10 things you dont know about me featured image

Let’s get a bit more personal today. I realise I haven’t told you too much about me and I think it’s time you get to know me a little better. Here we go! When I started this blog I was way too shy to expose myself, so if you go back to earlier posts, you won’t see any pics of me. What a change self-confidence makes – even if it’s just a tiny bit. But we’ll discuss that in a future post. I am a cinephile. I just love movies, mostly older ones (the 60′s, the 80′s and the 90′s are

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Azure summer makeup

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azure summer makeup featured

I’ve been missing the sea terribly this year so I’ve been trying to incorporate some of that maritime feeling into my latest makeup looks. Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis (most of the time I’m perfectly fine with just a BB cream and concealer) this look is nothing fancy, just the kind of makeup you can put on in about 4 minutes. I used a neutral taupe eyeshadow as a base and opted for my Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Tenacious Teal for the cat-eye look. It’s a lovely color that is bound to make you happy while wearing

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youutbe makeup masters featured post

Who doesn’t love a good makeup tutorial from a pro? I still have a lot to learn myself and even if I know some great makeup tips and tricks, there’s always room for improvement. So today’s post is all about my favorite Youtube makeup artists. Perhaps you are wondering why I’m calling them “masters” instead of “gurus”, but truth be told I simply hate the term “guru” – it’s overused, has lost its meaning and I think way too many people are being labled as “gurus” before actually becoming ones. I’m  going to start with the ever so lovely Lisa Eldrige. Even though I

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My 6 favorite hairstyling hacks featured image v2

I had been dyeing my hair for years until about half a year ago when I realised I have no idea what my natural hair color is anymore (insert awkward moment here). This is how I decided I’m going to stop all the hair coloring nonsense and let my hair breath. And guess what, I really, really love my natural hair color (you can actually see the roots of my hair in the pic above). I used to think my hair was bland and uninteresting so I started searching for the perfect dye while giving it a terrible treatment with every change of color and dye brand. Suffice to

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