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quick diy lip scrub

I’m very found of beauty DIY recipes and I usually try all kinds of concoctions, from hair masks to body scrubs, it’s all tried and tested. This is one of my favourite recipe ever – a honey, sugar and olive oil lip scrub. It’s incredibly easy to make and works like a charm for chapped lips. Here’s what you need: 1/2 tsp. olive oil 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp/ honey Mix them all in a small cup and gently scrub your lips for a few seconds (don’t be too harsh, the skin on your lips is very sensitive). Rinse with

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12 lovely summer makeup ideas

I just love summer days! Sunny, warm weather, straw hats and fresh, colorful makeup. Isn’t that simply gorgeous? So, here’s 12 really sweet makeup looks that I found while browsing for some inspiration. Which one do you like most? Love, Ana

colorful bubbly pink and purple yolo nail art featured image

I bet you’ve been through this at least once: staring blankly at your nail polish collection and having no idea what color(s) to choose next. Well, it happened to me again this week, while having a full-blown designer’s block for the past few days. I couldn’t for the life of me think any.one.creative.thought, my creative mind was numb. Reason? I’ve been working around the clock, 24/7… and this has been for a while now. So today I just decided to take a break, no work, just fun. It’s such a hard decision for a workaholic, isn’t it? Anyway, as I was searching

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